Ownership of the painting, artwork or placeholder.

The painting is leased/rented but never owned. To sell one would undermine the project and concept.

How long will it take for the placeholder/painting to arrive?

3-5 working days

What should I do if I damage the artwork/painting?

Please let us know what has happened and the circumstances. An agreeable resolution can then be made between both parties.

What happens if I get rid of the packaging and want to send the work back??

You'll be charged a five pound shipping fee for new packaging. If you have subscribed for more than 4 months this will be provided free of charge.

Is the artwork accessible worldwide and do you ship internationally?

The project will initially be launched in the UK. If you live out with the UK and would like to participate in the project delivery rates can be provided. If you are happy with them, we will do our best to include you. A full roll out of the project internationally will happen after it has grown locally.

Where can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription in your personal account.

How often can I change my word?

You can change your subscription free of charge once every 6 months or more frequently if you are happy to pay the additional postage fee (UK flat rate £5.00)

How do I install/put the painting on the wall?

Follow the guide sent with the artwork or click the link here.

Who is the artist that created the project?

Guy Titterington is a Scottish artist (b.1992) living and working in South East London.

Where can I find other artworks by the artist?

Talk with the artist.

Every Friday from 7pm - 8pm - twitter spaces - ask me anything an open forum to discuss all things art.

I'd like to support the project but don't want more 'things.' I have too many physical belongings as it is.

If this is the case then subscribe to nothing, follow the link here to find out more.